Mission, Vision and Structure

By building relationships and leveraging collective resources, UFC affiliated credit unions will better serve their members and create new opportunities to positively impact the communities in which they operate.

Our vision is to unite credit unions together through collaboration, and leverage resources to improve efficiencies and deliver a better member experience.

Developing Structure:
Our goal is to provide a funding platform to solve business issues. Additionally, we want to create a safe zone for new business ideas that can be properly vetted. UFC will collaborate with Minnesota credit unions to maximize business opportunities and provide the essential resources needed to participate. Building a strong foundation within our identified target markets and utilizing existing resources will reduce cost, increase revenue and create new opportunities.

Together the Opportunities are Endless!

"We are excited to partner with three like-minded credit unions to leverage resources, forming United Financials Capital.”

Dave Larson, President & CEO of Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union

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